I wanted to live and bring up my family in a country where communities can have great town/city centres – that look attractive, have exciting products and services on offer and are friendly & safe places for us to hang out together.

My skills set, experience & interests matched a love for town and city centres, leading to the introduction of services that could make a positive difference to commercial centres.

This project started 1x store at a time and has evolved into working with local teams to help entire areas.

Kerching was created to pull together people with similar passion and explore new ways of helping.

What we are:

  • Passionate, dogged and stubborn – when it comes to making things better
  • Absolutely committed to the person or persons whose lives may be affected by our solutions
  • Always seeking fresh new approaches to solve problems
  • Always late home for dinner

What we are not:

  • Trying to make a quick buck.
  • Selling ‘off the peg’ solutions
  • An app seller, or loyalty scheme seller
  • Sales people on commission for any other service or product provider

When we work with a town, city, museum, store or leisure operator, we carry the burden of this being somebodies livelihood.  We get under the skin of the problem and approach it like it was our business.

We’re only interested in being the absolute best at what we do, to be the people to contact when you ‘really want it solving‘ – whatever the challenge may be.

If our philosophy and values strike a chord with you please get in touch.